Marriage is Like Potatoes

I sometimes think that marriage is like potatoes. An essential staple in almost every home, practically an institution, marriage can be cooked in a variety of methods. Marriage, like potatoes, can be fried and exhausted, mashed and crushed, grilled and well-done, habitual and seasoned, flavored, tasteless, or simply divine.

Because potatoes are so versatile, and can be beautifully prepared in such a large number of ways, we may forget that they’re usually not the essence of a traditional, domestic eating experience. Potatoes, in most homes, are made simply to complement the meat. They’re a side-dish, supporting and accentuating the main course, but definitely not the center of the meal.

As a bride, soon-to-be wife, this is a lesson I always hope to remember. Marriage is not the meat. It’s just potatoes.

From what I hear and read, marriage will require a lot of hard work from me (washing, peeling, slicing, dicing, seasoning, cooking!)  I’m happily prepared for this daily labor and genuinely plan to put in my best efforts for the sake of… not “my marriage”. It’ s not the marriage at the center of my plate, but the love I share with my future husband, and the commitment we have for each other, as well as for the family that we are going to start together.

Our love is at the center of our life together. It is the meat of our shared meal, and the core of our home. We are getting married to support our love and complement it. Mainly we do this because we find that institution helpful (socially, financially…), but we know, at the end of the day: we’re omnivores and marriage is just potatoes.

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