What the Beauty Industry Won’t Tell You

A healthy life style with sound eating habits and regular exercise will make your skin tighter, your body slimmer (in most cases), and your hair shinier.

If you have extra money for a beauty splurge, spend it on a dentist appointment. If you have no money, SAVE for a dentist appointment. Healthy, clean, beautiful teeth are so much more worth your money than creams lipsticks and perfumes.

All you need to clean your face is gentle soap. Also, if you’re using makeup, hypoallergenic, eye-doctor-approved wipes to remove persistent makeup residues.

A simple, good quality, high SPF sun block lotion will prevent wrinkles more effectively than any hi technology anti-aging cream in the market. The sun is the number one cause of facial wrinkles (well, other than aging and genetics), so a sun hat, a parasol and a sun block are the girl’s best friends.

The person who has the solution to your skin breakout woes is a dermatologist, not an esthetician, not a cosmetologist, and definitely not the girl selling cosmetics at the department store.

The only proven and permanent solution to acne is isotretinoin, a prescription drug commercially known in various names, most notably Accutane. All other medical solutions (like retinoids, hormones, bactericidals and antibiotics) will only provide temporary relief. However, even isotretinoin can’t help all types of acne, and it has significant adverse side-effects.

Highlights will you look older. It’s cool when you’re 21, but not so much so if you’re long past your 30. And by the way, that one solid hair color that will look best on you? That’s the one given you by Mother Nature.

Too much foundation will also make you look older. While it’s good to actually have foundation in your purse, you’re probably using it wrong if it’s all over your face. All you need is some light dabbing over reddish/problem areas. (Unless of course you’re going to the Oscars and will be photographed on the red carpet under all these lights. But you’re not, are you?) A rule of the thumb: an average sized good-quality bottle of liquid foundation should last you at least 2 years.

If you’re wearing uncomfortable trendy clothes, you’re not fashion-conscious; you’re a fashion victim. (You’re a different kind of fashion victim if you’re wearing very comfortable clothes that look hideous.)

While you can’t really be fashionable without adopting seasonal trends, you can definitely be stylish with wisely bought staple wardrobe items that can serve you for years.

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